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Our services and advantages

         Our team is looking for new opportunities to implement complex and challenging projects. We offer to outsource your design phase to decrease your production costs and improve drawings issuing time.

         It is a common problem for façade contractors to lose customers and profits due to the late issue of drawings. Design departments are often on a tight schedule or lack resources to complete their design tasks. Suvorov Design’s main mission is to solve these type of problems.

We have outstanding expertise in:

  • Stick facades

  • Unitized facades

  • Windows, doors

  • Rainscreens

  • Skylights with complex forms


Our services include:

  • Project documentation drawings which consists of Elevations, Plans and Section Drawings of all the Aluminium Curtain Walling, Windows, Doors and Rainscreen. All head, cill, jamb details in relation to the items as noted before

  • Manufacturing schedules for the aluminium flashings and structural bracketry as required throughout the project, Rainscreen Panel Schedules

  • Glass schedules for ordering purposes 

  • Site list for all fixings, EPDM’s, adhesives, sealants and any other product required to install the items noted in point 1 above.

  • Installation drawings to link all bracket, fixings and flashing schedules with the Design drawings

  • Thermal Analysis


We also provide the following advantages to your company:

  • Decrease in labor costs. We offer competitive rates compared to your local employees

  • Economy on office space and software. You do not need to pay office rent for additional employees and buy them expensive pieces of hardware and software

  • Simplicity of taxation and accounting. You just need to pay for the invoice, all the taxes are handled on our side

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